Taking stock of essential workers: Meet Barbara, our supply specialist

Since joining our team in April 2017, Barbara Swiatlowski has carefully kept our ducks and personal protective equipment (PPE) in a row.

As Home Health & Hospice’s supply specialist, she has always been foundational to the work our team does. Her organization and behind-the-scenes daily tasks, especially in this time of COVID, continue ensuring the safety of our team and our community.

“My workday consists of preparing packages of PPE for the clinicians, licensed nursing assistants (LNAs) and personal care attendants (PCAs) who take care of our patients,” Barbara explains, as well as “answering calls from patients for medical supplies, or who call in with problems with (supply) shipments.”

“Placing clinicians’ orders that are sent to patients’ homes, ordering supplies for the stock room, ordering supplies for McClure Miller Respite House, inventory twice weekly at Respite House, weekly inventory of PPE stock and placing special orders as needed” are also part of Barbara’s workday mix. “I also prepare trunk bins and nurse bags (both full of supplies) for new clinical staff and assist staff with any problems they may have with the medical equipment they use in the field.”

COVID increased workload 40 percent

Barbara deftly handles these essential duties, but is quick to downplay her contributions since COVID transformed the daily rhythm of, well, everything.

“My workload is up by 40 percent, but (my job) hasn’t really changed — it has just increased with the addition of PPE needs in addition to all the extra kits we have to put together,” she says.

Sounds like big change to us!

We salute Barbara, her dedication and organizational prowess during #HomeCare, #Hospice and #PalliativeCare Month. Where would we be without you?! #ThankYou, Barbara, and #ThanksHealthHeroes!