Our Vision

People thriving in healthy communities.


Our Mission

We help people live their fullest lives by providing innovative, high-value, compassionate care wherever they call home.


Our Values

Person and Family-Centered Care

We support an individuals right to:

  • Direct their own care based on their goals
  • Be physically comfortable and safe
  • Involve family members in their care

Holistic and Comprehensive Care

Our care will:

  • Address social and environmental factors as well as medical needs
  • Support families, friends and others in patient’s circle of support

Dignity and Respect

We strive to provide care that is:

  • Nonjudgmental and honors diversity
  • Recognizes the unique preferences and values of each individual
  • Recognize the abilities and strengths of each individual

Professional and Compassionate

UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice staff do their utmost to:

  • Build trusting relationships based on listening, empathy and understanding
  • Personify the qualities of excellence and professionalism in all areas of UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice work


UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice staff:

  • Promote and utilize clinical best practices and standards of care
  • Collaborate with other UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice staff and health care providers to assure effective and comprehensive care for patients
  • Consistently seek opportunity for improvement