Award Criteria

The Madison-Deane Award for Excellence in End-of-Life Care is awarded to a Vermont individual, group or organization that exemplifies the vision and continues the legacy of James Madison, MD and Robert Deane, MD and their intent to transform end-of-life care in Vermont.
  • Nominees must be a Vermont resident, organization, or group doing work in Vermont.
  • Nominated individuals, groups, or organizations must reflect the original mission, vision, and intent of Dr. Jim Madison and Dr. Robert Deane.
  • Excellence is evidenced in the following areas:
    • A catalyst for the acceptance of death as a natural part of life
    • A leader for education, information and resources relevant to end-of-life issues
    • Support those who create and encourage dialog about how individuals and families face life-threatening illness
  • Recipient must not have received the award in the past.