Through home visiting and our center-based programs, our multidisciplinary team provides pregnant women and families with young children extra support when stressors are too great. Our goal is to help each parent be nurturing and responsive to their child’s needs. We believe in building on the family’s strength to help them meet their goals as a family.

Home Visiting

Our multi-disciplinary team provides parenting support and education to families struggling with multiple stressors that temporarily hinder their capacity to nurture their children. Many families request services for several years in order to keep the children safe, healthy and thriving. Our staff develops a plan with each family and works collaboratively with other state and community agencies to provide the necessary supports, advocacy, education and health care to maintain the family’s stability and well-being. Our model is based on the David Olds Nurse Family Partnership and on the works of Stanley Greenspan and T. Berry Brazelton.

Frequently Asked Questions

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