As we age, foot problems can develop that may lead to limited mobility and ultimately more serious health conditions. Routine foot care is important for:

  • Maintaining muscle and bone strength by supporting mobility and physical activity
  • Proper foot and body mechanics, which help prevent falls in seniors
  • Identifying early signs of other more serious health issues, such as diabetes or poor circulation

It is recommended that seniors receive foot care every five to six weeks.

Our foot care service is provided by licensed nurses trained in foot care assessments and include:

  • Visual inspection of foot and lower leg for skin changes and areas of breakdown
  • Toenail clip
  • Massage
  • Prevention education on common foot problems
  • Referral to medical specialist when necessary

Contact us at (802) 860-4442 with your name and phone number to set up an appointment at one of our foot care sites. Please leave a message and we will call you back within 24 hours.

The UVM Health Network – Home Health & Hospice Foot Care Program costs $50 per visit.

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