Meet our new nurse educator: Melinda Hess, RN

“I knew at some point in my career I would enter home health/hospice, but was just waiting for the right time,” Melinda Hess, our new nurse educator, reflects, acknowledging the transition was influenced by her own personal experience.

“I lost my mother to lung cancer when I was in nursing school and I was inspired by the care that she received.”

“I have been a nurse for 18 years and still going strong,” says Melinda, pictured here with daughter Aria this summer. “I started out as a NICU nurse right out of school and then ventured into many different avenues including transport, flight nurse and management/supervisory roles.”

In addition to her professional duties, “I am a wife and mother of two crazy, yet wonderful kids who like to keep me on my toes. I grew up in southern California and moved to Vermont about eight years ago to be closer to family. My husband grew up here.”

Snowboarder and role model

“I try to stay pretty active — mountain biking in the summer/fall. In the winter, I snowboard. I am the only one in my family who does not ski and often feel like an outsider on the mountain, but living in Vermont, you need a sport in the winter months.”

At work, “I am looking forward to supporting Home Health & Hospice, our patients and our staff,” particularly professionals just entering the field, Melinda says. “In each tier of my career, I have always enjoyed education and being a role model for new nurses.”

Her advice to new professionals?

“There is a wonderful network of people around you; use your resources,” Melinda advises. “Even as an experienced nurse, I still lean on my peers for support. We are in this adventure together and should support and lift each other up.”

We warmly welcome Melinda into her new role, where she’ll be working closely with nursing teams across our organization.