Dear Friends, 

You may have noticed it has been a while since we’ve sent a newsletter like this one. I hope the time in between has been kind to you and yours, and that this message finds you safe, well and in good spirits. At the same time, I recognize that we have all been touched by COVID in some way, and my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to this virus.  

While the pandemic may have prevented us from communicating as regularly as we would have liked, we’re glad to be back in touch after a long pause. Even after 18 months, COVID continues demanding our collective responsiveness. For Home Health & Hospice, this includes pivoting to meet patients’ and families’ needs wherever they call home. Delivering care in new ways is possible thanks to the remarkable generosity of our community. Even though we are the newest member of the nonprofit University of Vermont Health Network, philanthropy remains central to our ability to carry out our 115-year-old mission. Through recent conversations we’ve been fortunate to have with members of our community, we understand many continue wondering about the benefits of this affiliation. 

Since joining The UVM Health Network three years ago, Home Health & Hospice and those we serve have benefitted in several ways. These include:  

  • A coordinated, collective response to COVID-19, the current flu season and other community health issues; 
  • Centralized recruitment efforts that meet our goal of recruiting and retaining the right caregivers in an increasingly competitive health care landscape;  
  • A collective technology effort that allowed us to quickly ramp up remote/telehealth visits; 
  • More health care options, and significant benefit savings for staff, through reduced health care deductibles and dental premiums; 
  • And thanks to our joint purchasing power, we were able to maintain adequate personal protective equipment for front-line clinicians, their patients and families at a time when smaller organizations struggled to do so. 

Though we are part of this larger, stronger network, we still rely upon the generosity of our community to continue providing care to everyone who requires it, regardless of patients’ ability to pay. Our services depend upon the funds we raise each year to provide that care. Thanks to friends like you, we provided $2.2 million in free care last year alone, despite the significant challenges COVID presented. We provide care to everyone who needs it because it’s the right thing to do, and because we know the true health of a community can best be measured by the health of its most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you to everyone who has stood with us. 

Now, as always, every donated dollar directly supports Home Health & Hospice services, including Adult Home Health, Family and Children’s Services and our Hospice program, in patient homes and at the McClure Miller Respite House. We are proud to remain here for you, your loved ones and your friends and neighbors, wherever you call home, and grateful to be your community partner at every age and stage of life. 

I am honored and humbled to step into the role of president for this historic organization and to serve its talented, dedicated staff. Thank you for your continuing belief in us and the work we do.  

With gratitude, 


Adrianne Johnson Ross, MHA
President and Chief Operating Officer